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The day is not fine

I wrote these lines when my friend called me up and said that her father was not well, she seemed to be very much tensed. I wasn't able to say anything except for "don't worry everything will be fine" and then I sent her a message reading :

" The day is not fine,
but I have faith with me,
everything will be back to,
as it used to be,
The day is not fine,
but I have faith with me..."

I think only thing which could help us face such tough situations is "faith". Faith in the almighty becomes the superpower at such times.


अभिन्न said...

Faith is ultimate Power,all powers resides within us,outer conditions like weather,time and phiyics may create a toughness in achieving the desired goal,but it cant b a hurdle if POWER OF FAITH is there.
spiritful lines.
The day is not fine
But I have faith with me./
congratulations brother.

Priya Joyce said...

yehe very times when we are unable to do anything "faith" saves in the situation u mentioned..where nothing is in our hands..
soothing lines :):)

QUIETUDE N said...

well written thought!!

अभिन्न said...

where are u was hoping u mmust write some beautiful verses in this month of monsoon/ no monsoon.bussssssssyyyyyyyyyy kya but where koi lafda to nahi?> ha ha ha

Pri said...

Well said!!! Faith can truly do wonders...beautiful poem :)

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