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A 'Dream' was I

Life is full of surprises... no one knows wats goin to happen nxt... n most of the time u dont even get a chance to prepare urself for wat has happend... some surprises are better called as 'SHOCKS...!!' thats wat v cl life... it has to be, as it is...

A true friend was I,
Dreams had I,
Dreams in my eyes,
Dreams of your eyes,
Dreams of being with you,
Dreams of being close to you,
Dreams of loving you,
Dreams of living a life,
Dreams, Dreams, Dreams,
Numerous Dreams had I,
A true friend was lost,
A true friend was left behind,
A true friend was I,
It wasn't a dream,
It became a dream then,
In the daylight,
A 'Dream' was I....

At 12hr 34 minutes and 56 seconds on the 7th of August this year, the time and date will be

12:34:56 07/08/09

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This will never happen in your life again


Priya Joyce said...

the lines were so very gud re..

loved them...and abt the tym and tat's wonderful..u found tat out??

QUIETUDE N said...

profound dream puneet!!!
i loved the SUMTHING INTERESTING....if u dnt mind can i put that too on my blog..courtesy u!!wher did u invit me for chat??

अभिन्न said...

dear Punit lots of love
first of all sorry for so late actually i hd found myself almost cut off from blogging since last few weeks.u hv commented on my writing thus u completed it.without u its always uncomplete,now im energige to write something new something fresh.secondly im sorry,although ur suggetion regarding changing of theme of my blog is welcome.i wish i were change it.punit bhai its a favorite theme liked by my best friend and its her choice,if i change it it wud not b dignified at my end.plz forgive ......
hope u will not mind and respect my feelings.
INTERESTINGLY...... i liked ur observations.and what u disvoverd 'bout time it hs a lot of importance in my life.
i hv two reasons for this excitement.
1. 7 th August is my birth day
2. 7 th August is birth day of my son HIMANTAK
a complete numerological birthday to me and my son.....ha ha ha ha .hope u will greet us on that day. ha ha ha

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