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I can't love you anymore

I have loved you a lot,
But I am sorry,
I can't love you anymore.

I want you to be my forgotten past,
I want you to be my puzzle's lost part,
I want you to be the broken star.

I don't wish to break your heart,
I simply want you to apart,
I don't want you to miss me again,
I simply want you to walk away,
I don't want you to be mine,
I simply want to live without the dreamy nights.

I can't see tears in your glittering eyes,
I can't see your pleasant smile turn into cries.

I can't find a 'Reason' to love you like before,
That's the only reason,
I can't love you any more.


SWAPN said...

this poem is a sign of true love.congratulations.

"अर्श" said...

Hi dear,
how are you? realy you dont want to see the tears in her glittering eyes??? ha ha ha just kiding man.. don't take it otherwise..... nice one.. this poem is showing your creativity and seriousnes towards poetry... need to think deep and better deep... lovely poem .... i realy like it ... congrates ...


divanshi said...

good work
keep it up!!!

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