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I Should Smile....

When, I have shattered dreams in my eyes,

When, my heart cries,
When, I am alone in the shadows of silence,
When, memories turn back the tides,
At the Times I feel, I should smile.

When, I am driven by emotions,
When, I have no more affections,
When, I miss someone,
When, I lose without a reason,
At the Times I feel, I should smile.

When, in the world of lies, I have to be 'DIVINE',
When, nothings all right,
When, I suffer through sleepless nights,
When, I have to say, "everything will be fine",
At the Times I feel, I should smile.

When, I am a stranger in the crowd,
When, to speak up I have to be loud,
When, to prove myself I need to shout,
When, I have to be the 'odd one out'
At the Times I feel, I should smile.


"अर्श" said...

Hi bro how are you? i read this your new poem... feelings n emotion are realy ammazing.. but...dont you think that there are prob in grammer..i think you should try to write in hindi and the thing is can write better and ... which i c in you,you have lot of emotions and feelings which nazm need.... one day the whole world would be yours in nazm .......... with my wishes....
dont take it other wise i just suggest you.....think over it ..


Puneet Sahalot said...

thnx bhaiya... :)
I would surely like to work upon your suggestions. Would like to know about 'NAZM'as I dont have any knwoledge of it... what it is.. how to write.. etc..etc..
Please tell me about it so that I could try to write better.

QUIETUDE N said...

proficient usage of words!!!nice poem!!

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